Regions of arthur s britan

The Romans left Britain in the year 410,leaving the local chieftains and legionnaires whom had established lands,estates and families in Albion these many long years to defend the land themselves. Indeed many of the legionnaires had lived generations in Britain and were Roman in name only. In the years after the Romans had left Britain to defend their home territories against marauding barbarians. Britain became feudal,wherein only powerful warlords ruled the fragmented land. Meanwhile Picts and Saxons continued to raid the land and the land without a king suffered plagues,famines and unrest.

Eventually through strength of arms political savvy,and outright treachery numerous Kings emerged not anointed by the Church,but rather by the land and its people. Two brothers in particular arose Ambrosius who was later assassinated by a Saxon and Uther who would become the Pendragon:

“But Uther his brother, having assembled the clergy of the kingdom, took the crown, and by universal consent was advanced to the kingdom. And remembering the explanation which Merlin had made of the star above-mentioned, he commanded two dragons to be made of gold, in likeness of the dragon which he had seen at the ray of the star. As soon as they were finished, which was done with wonderful nicety of workmanship, he made a present of one to the cathedral church of Winchester, but reserved the other for himself, to be carried along with him to his wars. From this time, therefore, he was called Uther Pendragon, which in the British tongue signifies the dragon’s head; the occasion of this appellation being Merlin’s predicting, from the appearance of a dragon, that he should be king.”

-Book VIII Chapter 17 Geoffry Monmouth “History of the Kings of Britain”

This is the setting of the campaign. The year is 493, Pentacost. Britain is more pagan than Christian,but the Church had dispatched several Bishops,

“For the Christian faith had been corrupted among them, partly by the pagans whom the king had brought into society with them, partly by the Pelagian heresy, with the poison whereof they had been a long time infected. But by the preaching of these holy men, the true faith and worship was again restored, the many miracles they wrought giving success to their labours.”

-Book VI Chapter 13 Geoffry of Monmouth “History of the Kings of Britain”

You will create a squire,knight or lady and live through the reign of Uther Pendragon who would give birth to Arthur Pendragon.It is hoped that your family will prosper and produce knights of the Round Table or possibly an enemy of King Arthur. As time progresses in the campaign, the entire island becomes infused with Glamour and Magick which rises and declines with the fortunes of the King for, The Land and the King are One!

My Vision: I would like to make this a text game where characters post regularly on to the site. Usually in any given year there are only one or two major events,but that being said, there will be many opportunities to role play- castle intrigues,tournaments, creating a family, maintaining an estate,magic,important battles,religious conflict, political maneuvering and character development. With the time span of the game,it is possible that by the end you will be playing your grandson or granddaughter,possibly your great grandchild.Keep checking the site for updates and possible start times!

The King and the Land Are One